Is football pro LGBT?

Football is not pro LGBT. They’re not anti-LGBT either. So where does that put the sport? Firmly on the fence.

Just google “gay football” and see what you get. A plethora of articles that aren’t exactly a ringing endorsement for the LGBT community.

Our sport is at an interesting crossroads. We’re slowly bleeding to death. More and more youth athletes are opting to play other sports.

Concussions, broken bones, torn ligaments, long term health side effects… There are lots of reasons why football is a bad idea. So why play it? Because we love it.

Amidst the talk of the lowest television ratings from the NFL in recent memory, I find myself wondering what the future holds for our sport. The NFL is spending lots of money on trying to make the sport safer and more attractive to a newly informed and largely anti-football public.  Parents don’t want their kids playing such a dangerous game.

Football used to sell itself. Now, we’re having to sell it. On top of all of the other considerations, being gay certainly gives one even more pause to participate. So can football continue to sit on the fence in the LGBT movement? I don’t think so.

But, there are people like Dr. Michael Brown, who think that the NFL has gone too far and call for players to stand up to the league:

“Don’t let yourselves be used as pawns for gay bullies and their allies. Send a message to the league with respect and honor, making it clear that the NFL has crossed the line one too many times and that you, as a person of faith and morality, will not be a part of it.”

In reading his article I struggle to find the evidence that the NFL is promoting anything LGBT. If anything, the run-ins that the NFL has had with LGBT issues has shown how undecided they are.


It’s time to get decided. The LGBT community is big and only getting bigger. For all the issues that football has right now we cannot afford to ostracize the gay community.

Get off the fence. Go gay.


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