Love Trumps Hate, but that’s not what we’re doing.

Hate does not compel, it consumes.

I feel it every time I pass a ‘Trump’ bumper sticker on a car or one of those red hats walk by. It’s actually physical. I feel my stomach knot up. My fists clench. My face flush red with blood.

How can I possibly find common ground with these people?

Every ten minutes it seems that my phone buzzes with a new headline from our President. Every time I jump on Facebook my feed is brimming with stories. The infamous “wall”, EPA, Climate Change (or the lack thereof), gag orders, trade crisis, lack of jobs, religious rights (or their over extension), women’s and LGBT rights (also, or the lack thereof)… We have officially arrived in information, over saturation hell.

Or, maybe it’s just hell.

I am beside myself. I am distressed and I find myself asking the real and honest question that many of us minority, human rights, global thinkers do… What the fuck do I do?

The hope and change that the last 8 years have brought seem to be falling away in a matter of days. Some things are true, some are rumors and all of them could occupy ones entire day by fact checking which is which. But, it seems even the true, not sensationalized news is not good news.

If you Google just how bad it is, I beg you – sit down with a bottle of wine first. (The news is for you, the wine is for me in spirit #sober).

It is so tempting to get behind my keyboard and start lashing out at anyone who voted for President Trump… But, that’s not going to help. My next inclination is to hide. But, that’s really not going to help as the world will keep spinning, news stories keep churning and assault on things I value will continue regardless of if I close my eyes or not.

So I cannot stomach Trumpism (Trump and his ideals #buzzword2017), but I cannot sit by and do nothing. I must do something…

Early on I latched onto the “Love Trumps Hate” mantra. How poetic and true! But, in the recent days I have not seen it. Anywhere. Sure, we show love for our side of the argument. For our clique. But, when it comes to dealing with the other side, we’re skipping taking the gloves off and going right to nuclear warfare.


I have done it myself.

So how, when I’m seeing the bumper stickers, the hats, my phone won’t stop buzzing and it seems like everything we care about is going up in flames, am I supposed to find the sense of calm to constructively participate?

Well, I don’t know yet. So I am imposing the oldest and noblest of traditions on myself – if you don’t have something [constructive] to say, don’t say it all.

If you’re going to coin the phrase”Love Trumps Hate”, you’d better be the embodiment of love. Otherwise we will continue to push each other further to one side or another.

I love passion. But don’t let it get the best of you.


One thought on “Love Trumps Hate, but that’s not what we’re doing.

  1. Shane – if you had been at the march last Saturday, you would have seen Love Trumps Hate ad nauseum. It’s here, it’s alive (even in Reno), and we are not giving up. And either should you.


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