The beginning of the end

After almost two years of dodging in and out of this blog, I have decided to retire it.

But, before I do I have made a promise to myself to finish up the 10 some odd blogs that are sitting in the drafts section and to finally write a few of the ones I never got around to.

So it’s time to strip the lipstick off this pig.

aaeaaqaaaaaaaaleaaaajgu0otewnju3ltezzjqtndbmoc1iowe0ltnin2e1mmm3ngeyngI have done a very good job of beautifying this blog. Nearly every blog I have written has omitted many truths. Some for the protection of others and some for what I thought was my own protection.

Calm down – this is not an all out assault on dirty laundry. This is me writing the things I never felt like I had the courage to write before.

Me shying away from writing something? I know it sounds strange, but to my small corner of the internet, this is the beginning of the end.

Never when I started this, for a social media branding class of all things, did I think that it would morph into the greatest adventure of my life. I’ve always tried to connect with you all in the most authentic way possible.

So, if you’re still tagging along, get ready because they’re coming fast and furious.

Thank you to all of you who follow, comment and write me. It has been encouraging and empowering. While I could probably write forever, this chapter of my life has come to its close.

Before I go I will leave you with my final thoughts on Faith, Family, and of course, Football.






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