Shane is a senior at the University of Nevada majoring in Finance and Economics. He is also an assistant football coach at Reed High School in Sparks, Nevada.

Shane walked on to the Boise State Football program in 2012. When an injury cut his playing career short he returned to Reno to finish his degree and pursue his passion in coaching. He coached for 3 seasons at his high school alma mater McQueen and then moved to the 5 time defending Regional Champion Reed Raiders.

At the 2016 TEDx University of Nevada, Shane gave a talk titled, “Why I couldn’t let football keep me in the closet.” 

In his TEDx talk, Shane shared his truth about being a gay football coach. Being gay in football has at times caused serious conflicts with his ability to live his entire life with transparency and authenticity. Shane was faced with a choice — leave the sport he loves so much or own up to an unpopular truth in the football community.

He decided that rather than leaving football, his experience could be used to shed light on a difficult topic. Shane’s ultimate goal is to spread awareness on the harmful effects that the modern football climate causes and to show other gay athletes and coaches that they are not alone.

Since his talk, Shane has begun working with the Sports Equality Foundation, a non-profit funded by Nike, which aims to create equality and support for LGBTQ athletes. Out Sports, USA Today and other publications have featured his talk both nationally and in other countries.

Shane now travels to other football programs and various organizations speaking about the power of the locker room and raising awareness and support for LGBT athletes.



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